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Inspired by flavours, Kookstudio Zinnamon in Maastricht offers authentic Indian, Italian fusion, and Mexican inspired  kookworkshops. 



Come join us and experience the magic of Indian spices and Italian herbs along with a kick of Mexican flavours as we cook, eat and drink with a little bit of banter making it a fun evening.


Our chef Siddharth  (Sid) is from Mumbai, India. Fun fact about chef, he never cooked anything back home.

With Bachelors In Biotechnology, Masters In Bioinformatics he was doing a corporate job and later came to London to pursue business studies.

He switched his career in London for the passion of cooking (to be honest that’s where it went all wrong for him) and now has more than 10 years of cooking experience. 

Our chef has given workshops to more than 1000 people while working with Kookstudio Maastricht and other private events. 


You can easily buy vouchers for our authentic Indian, Italian fusion and Mexican inspired kookworkshops on social deal.


If you are large group of people (more than 10) and would prefer to do workshop only with your family and friends you can directly contact us.

Classic Indian

Was €55.00

Now € 29.90

Course 1: Onion pakora + Raita + chutney. Course 2: Soup. Course 3: Smoked Butter Chicken + Basmati rice + Paratha. Course 4: Dessert

Note* Drinks extra (Non Alcohol: € 7.50 & Alcohol: € 12.50. 

Italian Fusion

Was €55.00

Now € 29.90

Course 1: Bruschetta Masala Course 2: Soup Course 3: Pasta served in creamy makhni sauce along with grilled chicken. Course 4:  Dessert


Note* Drinks extra (Non Alcohol: € 7.50 & Alcohol: € 12.50. 

Mexican Styled

Was €55.00

Now € 29.90

Course 1: Stuffed paprika Course 2: Soup Course 3: Chicken Quesadilla  + rice + vegetables in paprika sauce Course 4: Dessert


Note* Drinks extra (Non Alcohol: € 7.50 & Alcohol: € 12.50. 


Scharnerweg 64, 6224 JH Maastricht